Clicking on Google Search results takes me to a Bing search

When I click on a search result in google, it takes me to a bing search

  1. set Google as search default
  2. search anything
  3. Open a result in a new tab

take me to the result’s website


Only started happening today when I had to ‘allow all cookies’ to make other pages work

Can you share a recording of the issue, @GingerNotANinja?

Is Bing added to your list of search engines at all? This is very strange behavior. I’m unable to reproduce on my macOS.

I removed bing from the list when this started happening

What exactly causes tabs to open with Bing results? In your video, it looks like most of the time, new tab open to the correct website.

The first 2 tabs I opened were actual the 2nd and 3rd is opened before refreshing. It seems to be the first and sometimes 2nd tab opened. That’s why I refreshed and showed again and the wrong tabs opened.

This has only happened after I updated to the latest update, and prior to the update and after is had an issue with the PlayStation website signing in, it wouldn’t. I updated, cleared cookies, etc, and that hadn’t fixed it. I found another support post that suggested Allowing All Cookies. This fixed the signing in issue but I think after this is when searching became broken

Lyzzi DC

It should also be noted, that when I press and the weird search opens in a new tab, I did not press control/command, it automatically does it.

I tried uninstalling then reinstalling Brave, no luck

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Sorry for the late reply. It seems like nobody is able to reproduce this issue. Do you have bing/microsoft site data stored in the browser? Clearing cache/site data for bing may be worth trying.
Thank you for your patience, still digging.

If you notice, when your tabs first come up, they are using different URLs that end up redirecting to the bing results. The video is a little fuzzy for me to make out the exact words in the url, but it looks like “msearches[dot]com” and “mynewtabs[dot]com” or similar that end up redirecting to bing. This is a very common malicious hijacking, and I had the same problem a while ago. They hijack your search results and redirect to bing, and collect the bing referral rewards/comissions.

I had the exact same issue and found out I had a rogue chrome extension installed with malicious code. Disable all of your browser extensions and see if it still happens. I had been using this same extension for more than 5 years, and never had this problem but they had recently updated the extension with malicious code in the update. (Not sure if it was intentional or not.) I narrowed it down by disabling extensions one by one and searching again and again until I found the one that was causing it. (Mine was “MeasureIt” which I used to measure the size of webpage elements sometimes. The extension is no longer on the store, but this code could be in any extension.)

If you google this problem you’ll find tons of reports of a VIRUS doing it. This wasn’t the case for me and malwarebytes did not find any viruses on my computer at the time, (before I figured out that it was a browser extension) but that seems to be a very common method of doing this too, so I would check both, for viruses and rogue extensions.

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Yes KingDingbat, that fixed it. Thank you!

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