Claim button not working - Desktop

The claim button just doesn’t work for previous months. I still have some rewards from previously claiming rewards but the button doesnt work anymore.
I have a Gemini wallet connected too.


The claim button didn’t work for me either this month, but I found the solution in another topic. What worked for me was going to Settings, and then in the Appearance area turning off “Hide Brave Rewards button”.


My Claim button is operational in such a case @dave2319 , but the resulting Captcha does NOT work. I am on Chromebook/Linux, FWIW.

The entire Appearance area is missing from my Settings page. There is no option to change any appearance setting.

Wow, I had the same problem, but this actually worked. Thanks!

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For some reason it actually works hahah. Ty man :slight_smile:

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I was scrolling to see if anyone had the same problem, this actually solved it, thanks man! Appreciate the help!

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This worked for me. Thank you.

I still canNOT claim Rewards here on Chromebook/Linux Desktop: V1.33.106 (Dec 14, 2021)

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