Changing my device

Hello. I’m changing my device and I want to transfer my tokens to my new device, but it seems impossible to do it without verification on Uphold!

I don’t want to do KYC, is there any way to transfer my tokens to my new device browser?



Unfortunately no – at this time there’s no way to transfer you BAT in this way, although we are looking into solutions for this. For now, your best option would be to verify w/Uphold or w/Gemini (Gemini user wallets come in the next browser release).

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When can we expect gemini integration to brave users ( non creators ) ?

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This should be available in the next browser update coming very soon(assuming everything goes according to plan).

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Can you guys please add random tipping amount option to brave app
@moderators @Mattches @eljuno @steeven

Apologies – do you mean a “random” tipping amount, or a “custom” tipping amount?

I meant Custom tipping * for android application

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Custom tipping for Android is already on the board:

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Thanks for responding
Have a great day

Also when can we expect this update (containing custom tip) for android ?

Not sure as we have many projects on our plate – we do appreciate your patience.

Hey @Mattches @moderators

The brave creators payout has just payed me only the half of my total balance. There is no statement to verify that eighter.


I had to get 8 BATs on 13th i.e yesterday as mentioned in the creators dashboard. But I was only credited with 4 or 5 BATs. But the balance is still showing as 8 BATs and only half has been credited to uphold. Adding to that, now the next payout has been set to 13th of October, without even crediting me the payout amount. Kindly look into it.

Thank you

My gmail would be :