Transfer wallet amount to another device

I recently got myself a new phone and I don’t know how to sync my BAT from the old phone to my new one. I currently have 14.750 BAT on my old phone.

How can I sync this to my new phone so I don’t loose them?

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If the old phone is an iDevice, just use the QR code on this page (brave://rewards/) to transfer all the funds to a computer’s Brave browser.

Other than that, the only way they allow is uphold. Or you can simply give the even amount of 14BAT to someone other than yourself, and just forfeit the 0.75BAT. Sending your funds to another one of your accounts as a publisher will get you removed from the program.

How do I send funds to a friend? Will he be able to send them to me afterwards?

Is there not an official document explaining how to do this? I am attempting to connect a new PC with Brave Browser to a current wallet I have with Uphold, but can not find any info on how to do this. There used to be a way to create a recovery key and then just restore using that key in the new browser, but I don’t see how to even create a recovery key now, as when I select the Backup tab under the wallet settings, it tells me I don’t need to create a backup as they are held virutally, and available to spend “exclusively” on this browser… does this mean I lose the BAT in the wallet because I have a new PC even though I can see the wallet/card/account sitting in my Uphold account?

[editing in update] I think I figured out how to do this… I “verified” an uphold wallet within the Brave Browser on the new pc… which created a new Brave Browser Card in my uphold account… I then was able to go to the old PC and click the Withdraw Funds button, which helped me to figure out which Brave Card was associated with that wallet (as it isn’t obvious) and then I was able to move all of the funds from the Old Brave Browser Card to the new Brave Browser card… which then allowed the funds to show up in my new pc Brave Browser Rewards page. So seems that works… some new steps within the Brave Rewards FAQ would be good, and if it exists and I missed it, hit me up with a link!

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Hello mhop3223,
I’m also replacing my PC and have the same problem. Where is the “withdraw funds button” you mentioned. There is one in Uphold wallet but I didn’t understand how to move the funds from old brave card to the new one, could you please explain a little bit more in details?

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