Account was verified with Uphold, had to select region, couldnt for months.. finally fixed that, reverified, now its unverified AGAIN

Running [
Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)
on Windows 10 home.

It took me since October, at least just to get the rewards to let me select my country… That happened last night on 2/2/2023. It showed my account as VERIFIED again last night, and today, I go to check, realizing I’m still getting no ads, and its UNVERIFED AGAIN. Can we please fix this? It is beyond frustrating

Addendum: I cannot submit an issue to support, as my browser is also now saying I never set up rewards, dont have a wallet, and I cannot get my payment ID, which is needed to SUBMIT A BLOODY TICKET. All the buttons on my rewards account are unresponsive.

@SaltyBanana just going to tag you here. Trying to remember what we found out before about why people might have their Rewards Payment ID kind of disappear.

I mean, part of me is tempted to say to create a new profile and if it works, just link it and move on. Especially the case as if Verified yesterday, then any vBAT should have been sent to Uphold (meaning current Rewards has no vBAT anyway, so nothing to lose). But trying to think if there’s a “better” solution.

I might sound extremely stuupid, but have you tried restarting Brave and your PC / Laptop. Also ending all tasks related to Brave after closing it and then starting brave could help. Sometimes happens on my laptop, restarting Brave or Laptop helps always for me

It happened to me yesterday and 2 weeks ago also.
The whole rewards was reset. Browser asked me again if I wanted to participate in Brave rewards. I had to set up everything again. Activating Brave rewards, activating Brave news, deactivating auto-contribution.
Once done I reconnected to Uphold and all was ok.

It seems this version may have some glitch under certain conditions.

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what did u do?
my reward icon disappeared

Can you see this page? This is where we do the reward settings

Hi, i kind of have the same problem.

In January I received my Brave Browser rewards with no problems. Today I should receive again, but I have nothing on uphold and the browser says my account is with a problem:

“Error: Uphold account functionality limited
According to Uphold, there are some limitations on your account. Log into the Uphold account, check for any pending notifications or account requirements, and try it again. For example, you may need to send more information to Uphold.”

But I don’t see any notification on uphold or why I didn’t receive my BAT. I live in Portugal and done everything (KYC and 2FA)

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