Please enable the rewards?


I have been unpleasantly surprised by the announcement of Brave reward changes. I think one of the aspects that make Brave unique is its reward system, but now (after the update) it will definitely be less appealing for many users.

I am from Slovenia, which means that all of the BAT rewards, that I earned so far will simply vanish, because I don’t have an option to link a wallet. I would do it right away if it were possible, but so far I was not able to.

Slovenia is neither on the list of approved countries and neither on the list of unapproved countries (couldn’t find it on any of these 2 lists). Is it possible that we will be added to the list, before all of our rewards vanish?

I understand, that they are working on including as many countries as possible, but now, with the new update it won’t be possible to store new rewards in the browser, unless you have a wallet connected. I think this is a big mistake.


Nigeria should also be on the approved list.

Brave should be liberal.

Could someone from the Brave team please answer this? I do not wish to lose my BAT.

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we really cant do anything but to reset our wallets and move on

Thank you for your reply. I hope they realise how big of a deal this is. I would verify and connect my wallet instantly if I were able to and also gladly continue using brave browser. Now I’m not so sure.

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i will reset my wallet instead. i dont want other creators to steal my vbat

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im glad that you are not yet banned in this community. I remember the guy who posted a video of a fix on flagged profile and he got banned

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