Is Brave fully removing the ability to earn Rewards for unverified users?

I noticed the Rewards screen and panel had changed in the current Nightly branch.
I know unverified can no longer tip other users, but it seems to imply you need to link your browser with an exchange to be able to get ads/rewards.
Furthermore, the Support page about earning rewards mentions:

In order to begin earning and accruing BAT for Brave Ads in Brave Rewards, you will need to verify your Brave Rewards profile by connecting a custodial account.
While you’re “unverified” and don’t have a custodial account connected, your “Estimated earnings” for the month will be blank, as you won’t be earning.

So, what’s the official word Brave?

The new Rewards panel:

the new Rewards page:


I guess, yea. It is what it is.

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Should be noted that despite seeing ads on this unverified profile, they do not show on the ads history.

Nightly represents what is to come.

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It looks like you can see and earn Ads normally on latest Nightly, only its balance won’t display on the dashboard.

Edit: thinking a little deeper, despite earning and redeeming ads, I guess you won’t be able to Claim them though, so it would be probably useless effort.

It is going to be a disaster for creators, people will not take the time to register…


The answer seems to be yes, they seem to be transitioning away from what they’ve been doing over the last 4+ years and will now require everyone who wishes to participate in Rewards to link to a custodial account in order to earn BAT. This is per their official Help article over at which @SmartyAadi and others noticed.

Unfortunately, there has been no talk of this until now and just seems to have appeared out of nowhere. I sent a tweet over to Luke Mulks on it and well, here’s my tweet and his response:

New Tab - Brave 12_10_2022 12_18_59

Photos 12_10_2022 12_19_37

That said, I am hoping to have enough time to talk on that as well as other concerns people have brought up about Rewards lately. I’m also going to talk to them about some of the erosion of trust that has been happening among Users because they haven’t been transparent over the last six months. There’s been a lot of changes with absolutely no explanations and, in some cases, absolutely no warning ahead of time. This would be changes in how Creators is handled, the sudden loss of support for countries around the world, etc.

While they have every right to make changes as a business, especially if it might be necessary to combat issues (such as fraud or changing regulations), there are different ways to go about this. One of the biggest positives for Brave had been their interaction with Users and transparency as to the things going on. However in the past year, they’ve removed parts of Github (the roadmap) that let us see what they were working on and have become highly secretive over a lot of stuff.

These changes aren’t good. It’s going the reverse of Brave’s overall culture. So yeah, I’m hoping they can talk on that and hopefully reconsider how things have been happening.


Quite bizzare that even their own employees don’t know what is going on.

At this rate, Brave appears to be a big affiliate scheme to get people to sign up for Uphold/Gemini.

It’s not like Brave hasn’t done this in the past… by ‘accident’


Thank you yet again @Saoiray you are spot on, well said. You can add to the lack of notice/transparency the fact that some changes don’t seem to have been well thought-through in terms of practical effect on their global user base. Also the fact that this means you and the other community ninjas end up taking all the flak and trying to limit the (self-inflicted) reputational damage to Brave.

You are the only one really keeps us updated of late. Recent sweeping, draconian changes without notice have definitely eroded trust for real. We’re getting scared to click on update these days! :fearful:


It is not that unusual, most of the time people will work on their respective sub project and will not necessarily know everything about other people’s work.

What is quite annoying in this specific case is users discovering a major change by accident through their unstable build because it was pushed earlier than planed, with no prior official announcement about it.

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For a project which prides itself on “transparency”, they do love to be opaque.

I just find it very convenient that the employees working on this new ‘feature’, for some time it appears, were specifically not the ones which are active in the community.


People spending their time coding can’t spend their time interacting with the community. People spending their time interacting with the community can’t spend their time coding.
There’s nothing off.

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Actually, I sometimes wonder if that should kind of be mandated by companies. Something like once a month, where developers spend a day going through and interacting with Community to see bugs happening, check out feature requests. share solutions, etc.

I know there’s arguments for why it’s not done, but something tells me things might be a lot more productive and positive if they would.

Bad news for Indian users

It is kind of the role of Community Managers to interact with the community.

Actually they could communicate with each other. With big changes like this at least someone managing the coding team ought to be speaking to someone managing client expectations, to at least get a notice out to the Brave community explaining the change and any action needed on the users part. It’s not the same I know but I used to admin/supermod a large web community of >50,000 for a very long time about 20 years ago, and whenever there was a big change or new features, the devs would let us know and we would make an announcement on the forums (and thereafter act as the firing line). I know that’s tiny compared to Brave but still, it’s not a big ask. I’ve been here for years as have others and changes have tended to be fixing glitches or adding improvements, so not biggie - no need for updates. But all these regional changes and now, no more BAT for unverified users might just be a bit of coding at one end, but at the creator/customer end is a whole different ball game, and needs to be considered. Disclaimer:, this honestly is intended as constructive feedback.

Just get rid of it entirely and while at it remove other included bloatware such as crypto wallet, sidebar,… Make these into optional extensions that can be installed by users who want it, or at very least make them uninstallable.

Btw, I know we kind of talked about it here, but I did create my own topic with the official answer over at PSA: Rewards changes in 1.48 (currently in Nightly)

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