To continue using brave rewards pls select region update

Hi wanted to know if the rewards are going to reset since the new update that asks for your region? I had some bat from ads before the latest update then when I opened brave it said to continue using brave rewards please select your region, I selected my region with no problem but I wanted to know, does the bat I got before this update count for next month or has everything been reset and if I view an ad now with the selected region will that only count?or whats happening?

@Deandada It’s nothing you need to be concerned about. Brave had automatically been using your device locale and IP address to determine your location and show ads. Due to people using things like VPN, it was becoming a problem. So Brave has shifted just to let Users choose their country for ads to be shown. So you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the country you’re actually living in and those ads are what Brave will show you.

It has nothing to do with your BAT payments or anything.

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