Cant verify youtube channel


I have logged into my brave rewards account and attached my youtube account and am verified on uphold. However, it still states that my channel isnt verified. what is wrong?


@davidscho Thanks for reporting. Please ensure your uphold account is verified.

You can learn more about Uphold’s verification process here:

Uphold KYC (know-your-customer) verification is now required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts

cc: @Asad for additional assistance


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Same here. everything looks good but still showing “not yet verified”


@gsarvadnya @Asad
My uphold account is verified, but still shows that my linked account is not verified publisher. Please advise. thank you


This is a glitch. We’re working on a fix. If you’re verified on the pubs dash, you’re verified for sure :slight_smile:


is there a possibility to still get rewards, even though it says that im not verified?

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Yes, totally. The bug isn’t affecting EVERYONE – just some users. So in the meantime, you’ll still come up as verified for most people. We’re definitely trying to get this fixed as soon as we can. :slight_smile:

My website is still "Not yet verified" - 48 hours

The site is also not verifying my YouTube account. :confused: I have verified my Uphold account, just waiting on this one.


@ linz9487 Send me your youtube chanel to try on my brave.

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the channel is:

Thank you!

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Your account is ok see pic. @linz9487

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awesome! thank you. the kid is pretty cute, right?? haha

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Hi Asad, thanks for your kind assistance. Would delete and reinsert the channel again solve the problem?

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Probably not – the best bet is to just wait for our fix. :frowning:

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Thanks again for your help!


hello, i verifyed my uphold and my youtube chanel, and after more than two weeks is still appears like its not verified, I also send some refferals, and they either cant see me as verified and i still dont see them as confirmed statements.

I wonder did i set up something wrong. Thank you for any help


Shows verified for me:

Make sure you update and are on the latest version of the browser. You can also see my instructions here to try and force your browser to refresh the verified publishers list. (Also try restarting your browser and computer, and then checking back every so often.)

For instructions on how to try and force your browser to update the verified publishers status, see:

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My YouTube videos showed verified, but my channel doesn’t. Does this affect anything?

Thank you

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