Signed up my Youtube for publisher rewards, but Youtube channel still listed as unverified

I signed up my Youtube channel over a month ago as a Brave publisher, and when going to the channel it still says its unverified. Also, when i try tipping a little BAT to it, i receive nothing in my publisher dashboard.

I have emailed the support email with no response, and also have asked on the subreddit also with no response. Is there anything else I need to do for my channel to become fully verified? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @Katana,

Did you mean Brave not show verified status via Rewards panel (BAT triangle icon at URL bar)? Usually your Brave need ~48 hours before it’s updated the latest publisher list (the team is working to reduce it to 24hours).

Once you finish adding and verify your channel, then it should be done/verified.

Will ask the team if there’s a workaround to force download the latest list.

Usually it took 7-10 days before contribution reflected on your dashboard.


Yeah it does not show verified via the Rewards panel. I signed up over a month ago and it still hasnt updated. And I tried tipping myself a little BAT over 10 days ago just to test it out, and it still hasnt been taken out of my BAT wallet in the browser or appeared in my publishers dashboard.

But my publishers channel does show my youtube channel as linked and verified on the bottom. So just a little confused why it hasnt been verified yet


Hi Katana, can you provide us a link to your channel/site, so we can check from our end? Thanks.

Hi, I have the same problem.

As you can see the captured image, I added 2nd, Feb. however, it still shows “Not yet verified”. It has already passed 7days.
Could you check my youtube channel as well? ( )

Please help me to fix this problem. :sob:

Thank you.

Hi @digitypo, first of all, you have an awesome YouTube channel! Love the content. 너무 좋아해 :slight_smile:.

Your case seems special, as the tipping interface does not even show for it. I filed an issue with our engineers for it, and the engineer responsible for the tipping interfaces has been notified. Please see below:

Thank you, and keep making great content! Hope this will be resolved for you soon.

P.S., For onlookers: This is probably not the same issue you are experiencing, where your channel indeed shows up in the tipping panel, but reads “This channel is unverified” instead.

Oh! Thanks(감사합니다.) :slight_smile:
So, Should I wait for fixing this problem?
Thank you for your concern again.

Hello I’m Having the same issue. I’ve followed all the steps to get verified but when I to my Youtube page it shows that I have not signed up yet. Please help.


Here’s a link to my page

Seems to be working now. For some reason it does not work on my youtube Channel main page, it works when I switch to the videos tab and also on the videos themselves.

Hi Digity, yes you will have to wait until they release a fix for the issue above. You can track the progress here: The lead engineer on these issues is aware of this issue, so it is just a matter of getting it into a new release of Brave.

Very sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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This is my situation too. I kept checking my main page but after reading your post I went to my individual videos and they showed as verified whereas the main page does not. Sounds like they’re working on it but nice to see that I am verified on the videos.

I also have the same issue. I tried to self tip myself but the page said that my youtube channel is not yet verified.

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Hi Ronaldd, it takes up to 48 hours for your browser to detect newly verified channels. Hope that explains your situation.

We are working on making the verification detection process more robust

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it’s been 3 days and my youtube channel is still not verified. What’s the hold? My channel is

You show as verified for me:

Try these instructions to force your browser to update the new publishers list:

Instructions: You need to go your Brave-browser folder under $AppData$/local . (If this is not right, go to /roaming instead.) Therein, you will find a folder called Default and then a file inside there called publishers_list and publisher_info_db . With your browser exited/closed, you should rename these to something else like backup-publishers_list-old and OLDpublisher_info_dbOLD (or anything else you want), and then start Brave again.

Watch that folder until your browser downloads a fresh version of the publishers_list and creates a new publisher_info_db . This fresh version should contain your verified channels. From there, check the verification status again on a YouTube video of yours.

If you are on Mac, it is the same process, except your brave-browser folder is under Library/Application Support/Brave Software/brave-browser.


Something else to check: try checking your verification status when you’re on an actual video, not your channel page. If that makes a difference (i.e., you are verified on a video but not on the channel page), it’s likely that when you’re on your channel page, the URL in your address bar ends with something like ?viewas=subscriber. Having that appended to the end is known to cause a verification status bug. We have a fix for it shipping in one of the upcoming release versions.

Oh nice! I also can receive tips, just checked a minute ago. Thanks for the help. Last one, how long does tips show in my dashboard?

Right now, it takes 7-10 days for them to appear in your dashboard. However, we also have an update that will make it pretty much instant. It’s already been merged into the codebase as of 4 days ago; we are just waiting on a few things, then for the release to be deployed :).

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Thank you for the help and fast response! :’)

Hi, I am also having problems with my channel verification. I did it three days ago but it’s not accepted. Could you help me? Thanks in advance