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I have logged into my brave rewards account and attached my youtube account and am verified on uphold. However, it still states that my channel isnt verified. what is wrong, when are you going to fix this issue?

Hi @kapil1,

Kindly wait for 24 hours after adding your Youtube channel. If after that, it still says unverified then try clearing your Browser cache memory and restart it.

I have waited for more than a week, I have tried in multiple browsers also, but still its the same. Now I cleared the cashe nd data from my brave browser wow the free BAT which I got also got removed. Thanks for the bad solution.

@kapil1 The free BAT has expired that is why it is no longer showing on your wallet. All free grants have an expiry date and if not used before then it will automatically return to the USER GROWTH POOL. Can you share your channel link so I can check from my end?

Before I cleared the cache and data, it was there as soon as I cleared the cache and data from brave app, it went off.

My channel is:

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It says you are verified on my end.

@kapil1 if you are on the latest there is a manual publisher list refresh button

Its not showing me… What to do.! Kindly check. Screenshot_20190518-103003|281x500

If you are using the latest brave visit your YouTube page on you laptop or computer then click the reward icon look for the button that says check again

I am using mobile brave browser

Ooh. I just checked it is verified your phones publisher list is yet to be updated.
I used a mobile phone.

How to do it… Help me in doing so

@Asad please help. :pray::pray:t6:

no esta verificado porque esta anexado el correo no el canal, a lo mejor el nombre del canal es diferente al nombre q tienes anexado en publisher

The “check again” feature to refresh the verified publishers list isn’t available on mobile just yet.

However as you can see your site is verified. You should be able to get tips from other users with no issue.

How will I get my 15 BAT? You guys told me to clear cache and now boom all my credits went off. This was your Idea to tell me the incorrect information. I have lost my BAT. Now tell me How am I going to get it back

Just wait 1-2 days for verificate

Ok team, waiting lets see, how are you gonna help me…

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