My Youtube Channel is not Yet Verified

My Youtube Channel is not yet verified.
I already connected and verified my uphold and brave account and yet it says that its not yet verified.

Here’s my youtube Channel:

Hi @jk.cayaba,
Once you done adding your channel, it’s already finished/verified. :wink:

But if you talking about verified status on Rewards panel (BAT triangle logo at URL bar), it may require 24 hours before it’s updated. Mean, when Brave fetch the latest publisher list which happens once a day.

You also can check using Brave on different computer. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been registered since Jan 24,2019.
Cloud you please check my channel if its been activated. It would be a great help. :blush:

@jk.cayaba it’s already verified.

IIRC we’ve an issue logged where Brave not display the verified status correctly for some users. Which Brave version that you use (Menu > About Brave)?

Hi, I have added my youtube channel - in the uphold wallet. I was trying to tip myself with some BAT but it says that this publisher is not verified yet. Any help?

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