Can't tip our own websites?

Hello, been having trouble tipping my own tech news website from tips I’ve received from viewing ads. I used to be able to tip my own site, but now it just doesn’t do anything when I try to send a tip. Are we not able to tip our own websites?

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It says tip sent but wallet balance remains the same and no tip is being sent.

Bumping this for new eyes.

We highly suggest that you don’t use grant money to self-tip your websites. Can I ask you why it is that you’re tipping your own site?

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I tip other sites as well but I was under the assumption that as a Brave user when I view ads the money earned is mine to do with what I want? I don’t get a lot of traffic on my site right now so I’m a supporter of my own work. Is that against the Brave TOS?

As well, I can’t even tip 10 BAT which I know at least half of my current BAT in my wallet is from my personal viewing ads. Something isn’t right here.

So I just was able to send a 10 BAT tip, so the issue is that I can’t tip my own website. It wasn’t always like this before. Where can I learn more about this change or submit feedback on this?

Hi @lunarsedge,

Self-tipping is something we generally frown upon, especially if the goal is to move BAT grants off of Android/iOS (where there is no built-in withdrawal support) into your own Uphold account. BAT earnings on mobile are only intended (for the moment) to be used to support your favorite content creators. Sorry for the confusion, happy to answer any questions you have, and I’ll certainly make a note of this and pass it along to the team too. It’s a definite gap in our user experience, hastened by a need for anti-fraud on mobile. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. Like I said before, some of us don’t get a lot of traffic on our sites so self tipping can be a way to support our own sites as we build traffic.

As for the use of BAT Grants, I get that. How about the ad viewing earnings that I get myself as a Brave user? I’m still a consumer even though I also own a Brave verified website.

I’ve only used the mobile app a couple times and no longer use it at this point. The issue I’m having is from Desktop Browser.

I can definitely understand the anti-fraud measures. Perhaps the solution is to define in the Rewards options what BAT currency has been from grants and what has come from viewing ads. Then locking the money from grants to “non-fraudulent” activity, and the BAT from viewing ads to have more freedom to do whatever we want with it.

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Correct. I too don’t understand why is not allowed to tip your site. When I might have 4-5 sources of earnings bat and the possibility to connect only 2 or 3 sources with my uphold wallet.

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