Tips sent problem

Hello brave team I have a problem I can’t sent tips to my verify youtube it’s all ready verify to but
its showing This creator has not yet signed up to receive contributions
from brave users any tips you sent will remain in your wallet until they verify how to solved

Hi @Thegammer - thanks a bunch for posting. Are you able to tip successfully on desktop? We’ve just released a fix for verified mobile publishers that can take a few days to roll out.

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I’m mobile user creator thanks for Info god bless you

Hi @steeven can you please clarify if it’s possible to self-tip our own websites? I personally have a website linked to Brave Creators which is fully linked to Uphold and verified, since there’s no way to send my BATs earned on mobile phones to Uphold so far, can I send them as a tip to my website? I read so many posts saying different things but can you please clarify this doubt?
Thanks a lot in advance

Hi @Speedbrake91 - self-tipping is against our TOS and can cause your account to be flagged for suspension.

We’ll have Uphold for Android soon! Worth waiting for.

Hi @Zack_666 - can you DM me the email linked to your account?

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Thanks a lot ! Indeed it is worth waiting for.

// Update: Solved - Thank you!

I’ve updated my Brave on mobile and I tried to clear browser cache as well as some playing around with the browser’s settings for weeks, but I’m still having this issue that my and other verified accounts appear as “not yet verified”, even this site is not yet verified when I click on the triangle button and wait patiently. I use Brave on Android mobile. Verified status works nicely on desktop but it seems to not work at all on mobile.

Phone: Huawei VNS-L31

Btw, you where saying that self-tipping with the amounts earned from watching BAT ads is okay - Hope that statement is still true!

Thanks for the help + a big awesome to you guys at Brave. I’m constantly bringing you new users, but even if I could I just promote it with instead of with my referral link. This way I try to spread some authentic love for Brave and say thank you in return for all the epic stuff that you do!

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