Self tip for creators

It is allowed to send tips to myself? i mean, can i send the earnings that i make from android to my brave creators account? I tried to find out by reading on the forum but I found a series of conflicting answers. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


No one can answer me?

I used to tip myself with my iphone and ipad back when iOS allowed you to earn BAT, so there’s probably a way to do it on Android.

Considering the teams reluctantly to give clearity around this issue and countless users reporting their accounts being flaged for suspicious activity following self tipping, I’am gonna adventure a guess and assume it’s frowned on by Brave

But considering the porting rewards issue to uphold, self tipping should be allowed at least until the porting bug is fixed, assuming your creators account isn’t affected by the porting bug

Yeah, but i didn’t managed to find nothing official, if they ban people, there should be something written on their rules…
Anyway i was planning to send tip to a friend and he’ll so the same with me, so it should be fine…
anyway i don’t even know about the porting bug cause im new with brave, that’s my 2nd week

You won’t find a clear answer I’m afraid, but you and your friend should be fine so long as you’re not sharing Internet

Yes we do, thanks :slight_smile:

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