I think I made a mistake and tipped one of my sites


I read somewhere that you can’t tip your own content, websites etc.
Unfortunately I didn’t read this before testing Brave tips on my mobile.
I sent 1k BAT to one of my websites just to see if and how it would work.
I’m not sure where it went, I was able to login to my creators account,
Now I can’t receive the login code, assuming I lost my creators account.

Honestly, just my opinion, but if you earned the rewards/tokens,
Shouldn’t you be allowed to transfer them however you can.
Sending them to myself felt like a good idea at the time.

Peace out…

They kinda stopped because many people in unsupported regions started abusing it to receive rewards BATs even though they are in unsupported region. So earlier, creators in any geo location could get Creators BATs but rewards had some restrictions. Now, to tackle what I mentioned earlier, Brave has made the supported regions for Brave rewards and creators the same.

Umm not sure what’s happening. @SaltyBanana might be able to help.

Ah yes, I can understand their reasons,
It’d be easy to verify my ownership of the site I added in my creator’s account.
Basically you can’t do what you want with the rewards/tokens/BAT you’ve earned.
Unless you have a verified Uphold or Gemini accounts, to transfer them.
So I just lost 1k BAT.

This isn’t thoroughly against the rules however it’s greatly frowned upon. It is indeed one of the things that can lead to suspensions, especially if done in large quantities. With some of the more recent changes, this likely won’t even be a concern because earnings and tips will only occur through people who are verified. This also means will be no need to tip yourself because both would be connected to the same custodial partners anyway.

Which is a pretty big number. In the past, it wouldn’t be shocking to have heard it might have gone under review. Not quite sure how they’d view it now. It’s still a bit of a gray area, especially if it came from an unverified browser. If browser was verified, it doesn’t matter.

Nah, you would have received an email and/or had a notification if your Creators account was suspended. In your suspension email, it would advise you to email suspensions@brave.com to appeal. If you didn’t receive that, it means your account is likely good.

There have been times where emails don’t work, we’ve had topics open on occasion. If having issues logging in or really have any concern about Creators (other than suspensions), your best bet is to create a Creator’s Support Ticket

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Well, I don’t think I got any suspension email,
It just stopped sending the verification email.
Then it showed that email to contact them, so I emailed apologising for my mistake but heard nothing back, so I probably will delete Brave on the devices I had it installed, was just trying out the rewards system on my mobile, after reading about others who tipped their own websites successfully.

I’ll keep the desktop version for now.

Hi @EMar

Apologies, I did not see the notification for this thread. Could you kindly submit a ticket to our Creator Support form and I can take a closer look why you aren’t able to get into your account.



No worries, I sent a request from [Brave Help Center]


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