Can't start Guest session/window , browser instantly closes

If i have a usual browser session in progress, then open the menu on the top right of the browser and select “open guest window”, the browser instantly shuts down with no processes to be found in windows task manager. This is also what happens if i load up the main brave window which displays a list of my created profiles, and i select " guest mode".

Then, after that shutdown, if i start one of my normal profiles, i get the message that the browser didn’t shutdown properly and do i want to restore my session, and it will load up any open tabs from my normal working profile that i was using. I disabled the 2 extension i use, nocript and ublockorigin.

I did create a new test profile and checked to make sure it was a fresh clean profile with no extension etc. Trying to use guest mode or open a guest window produces the same instant closure.

version 1.40.109 ( upto date)

I have used brave for numerous years and for all that time guest mode has behaved the same, closes the browser down.


For reference

Using Brave Browser for Mac, BB v1.40.107, I tested the opening of a Guest window, with no problem results.

  • Opened a New Window, and then used the hamburger menu (upper right corner of window area) to select ‘Open Guest Window’

  • Opened a New Private Window, and then used the hamburger menu (upper right corner of window area) to select ‘Open Guest Window’

  • Quit Brave Browser . . . wait . . . start up Brave Browser; in the startup panel, I selected the Guest mode button

For each test, a new Guest window opened - no problem.

These steps only confirm a single case for Mac OS users.

Meanwhile, please go to: brave://settings/?search=crash

Enable: Automatically send diagnostic reports

And then test - repeat your steps - in order for crash report data to accumulate.

@Mattches may want you to locate Crash ID numbers and provide them, here.

An example:


Windows OS has a diagnostic tool named “Event Viewer”. How to get it started and some basics about its use, are at;

There is a main window for the application. The particular events of interest re your issue, would show in the Custom Views > Administrative Events as depicted in the illustration:

Do not be alarmed by the ‘Error’ and ‘Warning’ labels. With experience, using Event Viewer, one sees such alarms, often.

The object of the exercise – if you choose to take a look – is to be prepared and have that Event Viewer window open and in a location within your computer display, so that you can observe events that are being listed, while you are also using Brave Browser.

I see nothing in event viewer, and i have just manually sent in a few crash reports (automatic crash reporting is was on, but i had to manually send them using brave://crashes )


I hope those are the report ID you requested.

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@6gsa8gg897dsfg6987g6 has provided Crash ID numbers for you. Tx.

Thank you for the information. I’ve passed the IDs to our devs for review. Appreciate your patience.

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