Brave Browser instant crash on startup Windows

Whenever I start up brave browser it will instantly crash. Its so fast that I can’t even access the setting or anything. I have restarted my computer, reinstalled brave (around 5 different times), and have no extension.

I had a windows update the day before, though I don’t see anyone else having this issue on the forums.

Having the same issue, I’ve tried solutions that worked on previous versions when people were having this happen (looking for AppData discrepancies, opening as administrator, allowing Windows Firewall pass-through & adjusting web settings on my 3rd party antivirus, plus of course lots of reinstalls and restarts) but nothing has worked on the current version of the browser.

Yep me too. I think creating a new test profile solved my issue but its just a temporary fix and is very very finnicky.

Alright I’ll give that a go then.

I don’t fully understand how the test profile creation works, I’ve tried using the run window and put in this command:

brave.exe --user-data-dir=C:\Users[your user name]\Desktop\test

I don’t know what my username on Brave is because I’ve only just tried to set it up today, do you know how I might be able to get my hands on the username?

Nvm, just worked out what the username field was, smh.

Creating the test profile still didn’t let me in, this is mad annoying…

Wait did you try it with changing the profile on the shortcut?

I don’t know what you mean, in the shortcut properties?

I have just started my Macbook this morning (it has been shut-down since Friday) and I am experiencing the same issue.

I am unable to open Brave, since it closes immediately. I have tried downloading Brave and reinstalling it, however this does not work. I am using Mac OS Sonoma.

Looking at /Applications/Brave, I can see the CFBundleShortVersionString is

I have managed to get it working now. First I will explain what I tried but didn’t work:

  1. Rename /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default to Default.old, and start the browser. It opened and created Default. I copied Default.old into Default, and the browser would no longer open (like before).

  2. Delete /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/History then open Brave, did not work.

  3. Delete /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Favicons then open Brave, did not work.

  4. Delete /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Visited Links then open Brave, did not work.

  5. Delete /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Cookies then open Brave, did not work.

  6. Delete /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Session Storage then open Brave, did not work.

However, when deleting /Users/{user}/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Session, it then worked. I can now open Brave.

Probably not going to work on the browser for Windows, but thanks for helping out. If it works for me I’ll post here.

You should be able to make the same modifications to the Default folder, it will just be in a different location on Windows.

Found where the ‘Session’ folder was, Brave still didn’t work when I deleted it. I’m gonna keep messing around with it but if you’ve got any more ideas please let me know.

How do I restore sessions that are older than say 3 days? I want to find a way to restore the tabs I lost from 3 days again, any ideas?

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