Export Brave Passwords

I have tried to export the saved Brave passwords and no matter what I think is my Windows Login and Password it does not accept them and goes back to the Login screen.
I even reset my windrows password. Tried my login name with or without @outlook.com to no avail?
What’s the issue.

Hello @diner1

brave does not save your windows password
it save the sites that require login like email , facebook ,bank and so on

Thank you. The problem is it asks for my windows login and password to export the saved passwords. However I have tried all sorts of combinations of my login name and password but all are rejected and the prompt returns to the login and passwords screen.

thats wierd let me ask someone from the team to help you @Mattches

If you go to brave://settings/passwords and click the “eye” icon next to one of your saved passwords to view it, you will be required to enter your Windows password there as well. If you do this, does that accept the password or do you get the same results?

Thanks for your reply. Yes it does says “The User Name or Password is incorrect”. I have tried the short form Login name as well as the outlook.com email address as the Login. The password is the same used which is asked for at the start after bootup!

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