Passwords have imported from and to where

I have been using Brave off and on for a couple of months but today I was surprised to see a prompt to open up my passwords.

As far as I was aware, I had not asked for them to be imported. I use LastPass and I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be Brave interfacing with LP or that Brave had slurped them from somewhere else.

I only use Firefox and Brave and I don’t want either of them having any direct access or effect on my passwords.

Can I turn this off and just leave LP solely/discreetly handling them or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Thanks - Terry

The one from Brave or LastPass?

You can manage your password via brave://settings/passwords

Thanks for the reply.

I have just taken another look and it looks like Brave in settings/passwords. If I click on the eye it is asking me for my Windows password to see the password (my username is already in the normal windows prompt).

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