Can't Log into a site i have a subscription to, even with "Brave Shields" off

Description of the issue: won"t log into a site

  1. wont log in
  2. turned off “brave shields” still wont log in
  3. enabled “all cookies” still wont log in
  4. tried Fire Fox to log in, to make sure it still worked, it logged in fine with fire fox

Site im wanting to log into says:
“website uses cookies to assist with the subscriber login process and to enable several of the features available on the website. In order to log into the website and have the best online experience possible, please have all cookies enabled for your web browser”

So i"m thinking this has something to do with it, however allowing cookies didn’t seem to help.

website is :
And also the site:

Just tried on mobile iPhone app: still would not log in, and even chashed the brave app.

Brave Version(about:brave): I just got it, so the newest one i would think

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