Cannot Log into Forum (built on Wordpress 5.2.4)

On Chrome, I can log in normally, but I cannot log into my school’s forum using Brave. It identifies me but sends me back a page.

Thank you


Welcome to community and thanks for reporting!

Are you able to login if Shields are down (Orange Lion icon in the URL bar)?
What Brave version are you on?
Did it work on previous versions?
Can you share the site URL?

Thank you in advance!!

Thank you, glad to be here! Love the browser so far! This is an issue though and the forum site which I am trying to access cannot seem to help.

I appreciate all your help. Love Brave and want to keep using it!

Hi @MNDFLLDR, thanks for your patience here! Can you try Shields = Up and change cookies to Allow all cookies and see if that fixes the issue?

Yes. That fixed the issue. Can I do this just for this site? Or do I have to keep it up for all the sites with this browser?

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When you set Shields settings using the panel (lion icon in the address bar), this will only apply to the site you’re currently browsing. Changes in Shield settings are only applied globally by changing the Shields defaults in Settings --> Shields.

More info on how Shields function here:

All fixed! Thank you!

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