Can't log on

The matter is as described in this post, that was unfornately closed but whose content is still problematic.
Basically Medium is not viable (as it requires for most of his articles a subscription/sign in) with Brave, at least on MacOS, my OS.
Did everything, deleting cache and cookies, but it won’t work.
The site and my login preference work on other browsers, such as Safari and Chrome.
I tried to disable the shield but that didn’t work either and I’m on the latest version of Brave as I’m writing this.

@salvlox I’m going to ask you a series of questions that I hope you can answer.

  1. What version of Mac are you using?

  2. What version of Brave? (I know you said latest version, but we’ve had people say that and we found out they were far outdated. Not that I don’t believe you, it’s just good to confirm because of miscommunication/assumptions in the past.)

  3. How are you trying to sign in?

  4. What happens when you try to sign in? (any particular errors or anything?)

  5. Do you have extensions? If so, have you tried disabling or removing them?

  6. Have you tried signing in through a Private window?

  7. Can you try creating a new profile (without changing settings or adding extensions) and see if the issue replicates there

  8. Have you tried any alternative ways of logging in? (For example, if you tried to Sign in with Apple and it didn’t work, are you able to Sign in with email?)

  9. Are you using a VPN or proxy by chance? (if so, try without it?)

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