Can't connect Metamask to pages, Brave crypto wallet pops out!

Can’t connect Metamask to pages, Brave crypto wallet pops out, but doesn’t function!
Restore account & Import using account seed phrase doesn’t function neither.
I see written brave://wallet/home.html but when copy-paste, comes chrome://wallet/home.html

Password is always incorrect…
As result, can’t use any crypto service using Brave.
Extension in Brave still functions for itself.

When I turn off cryptowallet in setting, Metamask doesn’t connect to pages neither…

Version 0.69.132 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have had literally exactly the same issue, so can someone help us with this?

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This just started happening for me as well. My MetaMask extension was working perfectly until yesterday, then I started getting Brave wallet every time I tried to get MetaMask to interface.

So, I set up the Brave wallet figuring that would fix the issue, but now nothing. I disabled the Brave wallet in settings… nothing…

Is there any way to fix this???

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I can use MM again, didn’t do nothing, it just started functioning like before! Only thing I did was shutting down the computer two times before it started functioning, still have Brave wallet disabled in settings.

This is a known issue. We have compatibility issue when both MM and Brave CW is enabled. There’s an issue logged for this. Please track the issue here

You will have to restart the browser and reload the pages to start working with MM again.

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