Verified Wallet Still Didn't Got Transferred in Uphold

Hey My Brave Browser is verified, still my bats didn’t got transferred in Uphold instead i got claim now button now Bats are in my brave wallet i don’t want it to tip myself and wait for it to come next month, my browser is verified still why this problem @steeven Please Help with this irregularities i need this money asap as I am student and have to pay rent this really helps thanks:)

in screenshot you can see i got 37 bat and as it is verified its showing 52 bcoz i have 14 bat in uphold but this 37 bat is still in my wallet why??

And i know December payout is still pending but 95% Completed and i think mine will be left out so writing here @steeven

Same i didn’t even get mine on blue wallet let alone uphold.

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@steeven please look into this i see you are active From Brave Support and you help people to solve problems so i would really appreciate if you quickly solve this thanks

@steeven man can you please look into this asap?

@Krutik1706 thanks for reporting. Can you DM me your wallet ID?

Hi @steeven i sent you one too. Can you please answer the dm?

Yeah i Dm you Wallet Id please Process it Fast Thanks Man

@steeven Please Check your Dm thanks

I did please check your DM bro it’s 2 days :sweat:

I also DMed him. Still no replies yet.

@steeven Bro Please solve our issues and check your DM thanks

@steeven hey men you are active and solving other issues but please solve old issues and close the thread it will be 3 days today BAT’S stucked and it’s not small amount so i really hope you will reply this fast and check your DM

A list of users is being created to solve this type of Problem since different random users have happened the same thing, be patient and they will answer you, if they asked you to send them a DM it is because they already have the case in their possession, now it’s time to wait for your answer.

Yeah man i totally understand that but you know i need that money very urgent, it helps me to pay rent so was asking for quick help thanks

Friend, if your case is resolved, your payment will be made the following month, January 8 if you are an Advertiser and January 5 if you are an Editor.

You will have to wait yes or yes.

no bro @steeven will manually process my stuck bat which i was going to receive this month to uphold

you are not admin or moderator . so don’t spam too much


@Krutik1706 I have an issue for this that the dev team is currently investigating.

Ok bro waiting let’s see