Can't add to Android home screen (solution: click install twitter from pop up)

Issue: Can’t add shortcut of to Android home page.

How to reproduce?
Go to on brave browser. Click the 3 dots menu. Look for “add to home screen” option. There is no such option for page. Instead “install app” shows up. For other sites, this creates short cut. But for twitter, it only create a pop up to install twitter app. (Attached)

Note: This “install app” lead to a install twitter app pop up only in Pixel 6 phone. On another android phone, it puts shortcut on home screen as expected.

Browser: Brave beta 1.45.78
OS: Android 13
Phone: Pixel 6

@nellaiseemai Just click Install. This is the PWA and not the actual Twitter app. You just are getting concerned because of the images and were thinking it’s putting on the Twitter app. I just tested it and can assure you it’s not the case.

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Thank you so much. That is a great catch. I missed it.
I never bothered to click that pop up as I do not want to install Twitter app on my phone.

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