How to create homescreen link for Google News?

I’m trying to “Add To Homescreen” the Google News website ( but the option is not there, there is only “Install App”. I do not want to install the Google News app since it’s riddled with ads. I want to use Brave to read the Google News website.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the three dot menu
  3. Look for the option to Add to Homescreen, which isn’t there, and is instead replaced by Install App

@techperson9 This isn’t actually installing app from the app store. You’re just panicking based on the terminology. What’s happened is they call these Progressive Web Apps (PWA). If you tell it to install the app, you’ll find it creates the PWA where it will open up to Google News but it won’t be in the Google News app or anything.

Rather than me going into a long explanation, I just highly suggest you try it. It will open in Brave but in a simplified version of Brave. Otherwise, if you’re just wanting to open Google News in the normal Brave app itself, you’ll just need to either set it as your home page or create a bookmark for it to navigate.

The PWA does still use Shields when I just tested. So you shouldn’t have all the ads.

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Thanks, I just tried it. It’s ok, but it has some quirks compared to just opening the website normally. For example, when I open an article, the header part of the “app” is bright, bright white even though the rest of the page is in dark mode.

Yes, the terminology is problematic because it specifically says “Install” and shows the icon of Google News’ Android app, so I think I can be forgiven for thinking it’s installing the app.

Thanks for your reply.


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