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What’s wrong with brave Browser??
Why i can’t manually add to home screen (i.e install) a site that support pwa, while other chromium based Browser can (brave beta, chrome, edge and even the new firefox).

Menu > Add to Home Screen?

No, that’s not what i mean.

Try manually add to home screen site that supports pwa like community brave or in brave then compare it with chrome or brave beta.

In brave it didn’t give you an app like experience.

Just cleared cookies/cache on my end. Re-login to Community and prompted to “install” Community.

This one (and I believe there’s a similar pop up message on the bottom screen when Brave detect PWA on sites) resulted in shortcut for PWA is created.

Not sure why it’s act differently (shortcut opened in Brave) when users create it manually via Menu > Add to Home Screen.

cc @Mattches @anon1255531 @Aa-ron @Serg

Added the message

MANUALLY. I said manually add to home screen. Not all site is getting that pop-up message.

If you have 3 minutes, try add to home screen on both chrome (or every chromium based Browser besides brave stable) and compare it with brave stable.

Notice the difference??

This is what i mean.

Unfortunately this is not a priority.

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Does the Brave Beta still work with PWA?

Yes working fine with brave beta, probably since it’s still very chrome alike (just adding brave shield and reward), dunno what brave team doing with brave stable.


Just tried this right now on my phone and Yeap works fine on the beta, surprised the fix hasn’t hit Stable by now :thinking:. Unless the beta is like 2 months ahead or something. :grimacing:

Would be nice if a Dev could pop on the thread and give us some info :grin:.

I’ll use it in Beta for now, but would like to use Stable for obvious reasons.

You could try this version. Although it’ll delete your stats.

Any idea, when that will hit the Play Store. Ideally want to keep to that version so it auto updates.

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