Website pop-up to add site to homepage (Android)

On many websites, I get a pop-up (which drops down from the top) asking me to install the website. I can’t figure out how to block these messages. They are very annoying because there is no way to dismiss them (they eventually time out) and even adding a website’s link to my Android homepage doesn’t stop the messages in the future.

A screenshot is attached. Thank you.

If you click install what does it do? add an icon on the homepage?

Yes, that’s exactly what it does. It installs an icon on the homepage which, when you click on it, will launch Brave and bring up the webpage.

The only difference is that there is no URL bar or other Brave menus when you click on the icon. Otherwise it’s identical.

Yeah, not something we can stop, similar to the twitter app install.

In-app open popups will be blocked (where a website will lanuch a popup to request download an app).

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