Allow a Brave shortcut for ANY website to be added to desktop

For many websites, brave has the “Add to Home screen” option available, but it is NOT available for some websites, such as Instead, it has “Install app”. This was previously reported in the following topic:

The response was that this is not controlled by the browser, but I cannot see how this is true because I can manually type in the address and it takes me to a website, it does not re-direct me to download the app. It should be possible for Brave to generate a generic shortcut with two fields: (1) Display text and (2) URL. There are reasons some people cannot or do not wish to install apps and would much prefer to use Brave browser. Since brave already has widgets that can be added to the desktop, just make a 1x1 widget that can server as e link.

click the install app. It will only add shortcut to the home screen (this “install” does not mean installing app). But there is one difference. The sites for which you see “install app” the shortcut will open an independent window of the browser, for example,
The sites for which you see “add to home screen”, places a short cut which opens a tab in the browser along with other tabs.

The problem with install is you can not add a shortcut like ‘’ because it installs

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