"Add to homescreen" does not support Twitter and instagram anymore

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I do not want to use the app of twitter, and found Brave brower really useful as it creats a nice web interface on mobiles with its function “Add to homescreen”. Unfortunately the shortcuts I created before for twitter.com dispeared from my homescreen yesterday. Today I realize that this function does not support twitter.com anymore:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a website,
  2. Click the button with three dots

If I open twitter.com, the “Add to homescreen” button is replaced by “install app”:

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.45.113

**Poco X4 GT on MIUI 13 global **

As far as I know, the ‘Add to homescreen’ and ’ Install app’ are basically the same thing.
They just changed the name.

The ‘install app’ name is more appropriate in my opinion.

Just click on it.

Thank you for the remind. I tried and it does work as before. The confusing points are firstly that my old shortcuts for twitter and instagram dispeared themselves, and secondly when opening google.com, the “Add to homescreen” button is still there…

No idea why they vanished.
Did they vanish after a brave browser update?
Or did you clear cache, settings, cookie from either brave settings or android settings.

They might have vanished due to a bug.

(possible explanation) Google still has ‘Add to homescreen’ as it is a search engine and not a web app. Where as twitter in a browser is a web app.
I have myself seen that some websites say ‘Add to homescreen’ while some say ‘Install App’.
Brave should correct this behaviour.

If you see on this website itself, it says ‘Install App’ just like twitter.
Both of these words basically do the same thing, nothing to worry.

From What I know, Install app opens the particular website using Brave but like keeping Brave in the background. You’ll just be able to use the website. You’ll need to launch brave separately to open new tabs and stuff.

It’s a bug because I did nothing relevant that may delete the icons. But perhaps it is not due to brave. The launcher of xiaomi is never stable…Just a guess.

Could you maybe try disabling ‘Home screen shortcuts’ for Brave in System settings. And then try enabling it. I have Miui device as well and this has worked for me, so thought of sharing.

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