Impossible to verify identity in Uphold, always gives error

I had my verified Uphold account but after a while it asked me again for verification with a document and photo of my face. Well, I have already made many attempts and it always gives an error in the verification (the system is garbage). Now I see that this month I am getting Brave ads in my browser but not adding BAT because I can’t connect the Uphold account. Am I going to lose the accumulated BAT or what? I don’t understand how Uphold is only offered in my region and not other systems. I have an account in other exchanges verified my identity, but how do I make the verification system work? If I’m going to lose my BATs then it’s time to disable the ad system because it wouldn’t make sense anymore. Any solution? Thank you.

Maybe contact Uphold at

From there, they can assist and solve your issue perhaps.

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Definitely you have to contact directly as @SmartyAadi suggested. I had same issue(they use VERIFY as system for comparing your face with image), and sometimes it gives error as in my case(document image without beard, and now pretty big beard. ).
Once you contact them(notice* it may take a while to be solved, since they respond to your request every 24h), it should be solved.

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