"System" cannot verify Uphold account and no human recourse

Hi, as an independent publisher, I love the idea of Brave, and have been giving it a go for the last month and a bit. However, I have hit a stumbling block with accessing any funds from my Uphold Wallet, and they are unable to help. Essentially, Uphold asked me to verify my identity by providing a copy of my driver’s licence, which I did, and a video selfie that seemed to be tracking my eyeballs (should I be worried about that?). However, their “system” was unable to verify my id. After chatting with them, they allow no recourse to review the verification process if the “system” declines it. They don’t even know why it was declined, simply that “computer says no”. Essentially, an algorithm (so Silicon Valley!) is deciding with no human oversight. Does Brave offer any alternative to the crypto traders at Uphold for accessing rewards? If not, can Brave discuss my case with Uphold to first of all tell me why my id was declined, how to get it verified by a human when the “system” doesn’t work, and if not, what alternative Brave offers me to access my rewards other than the unhelpful robots at Uphold.