Uphold alternative when it comes? I read many months ago it's comming

I read on reddit and some other places that.
“Brave team working on a solution where you can use civic for kyc in the browser to allow users direct withdrawel from the browser wallet.”
Now 8 months gone how long it takes???
Uphold doesn’t verify my selfie i will hold my BAT to browser until alternative or my death comes. When we can say good bye uphold???

Hi @badshaadon,

Welcome to community and thanks for writing in. Uphold is our go to solution for KYC for the foreseeable future. Was there a specific reason that you were unable to create an account?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks For reply bro @steeven .
I can’t verify my uphold account. Verification process failed on Selfie. Can’t take selfie try 2 different phones but the same problem.
Find nothing, no solution and not even the problem why verification process failed on selfie.

Hi @badshaadon - what happens when you attempt the selfie?

@steeven Verification process successfully capture my id card, and then on selfie stage it doesn’t do anything not automatically capture my face and no button to take selfie, it just stay there even after 10 minutes. Try 2 different phone even iPhone but not worked, just selfie on selfie. One of the worst verification procedures i ever face in last 7 years.

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