They just wont manually verify me

i just politely ask uphold support to verify me manually using my provincial health insurance card (we use it as id given by the gov here) the system refuses to accept it, for some reasons and the support just WONT look at it and see that its my picture, my name, my date of birth etc… they tell me i need a driver license or passport, bruh! you expect everyone to have that? because its well known that everybody travels abroad right

Well, well. Not much that can be done here I suppose. Government rules & regulations and financial regulations are pretty stringent when it comes to KYC / AML verification, so that could be the reason they aren’t able to accept it for verification. I’ll tag @Saoiray cause he might have better idea about why this is so.

I mean i would show my ID here to show that its an actual ID it serve that purpose but that really wouldnt be smart to post it online XD

Nah, man. Post it so I can misuse it lol. Just joking. Well, well I am under 18 so don’t have either of all the ID they allow to use. So, I asked my parents to create an account for me. Maybe you could have a family member create one for you or so

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