Cannot reconnect to Uphold on Android

For the last couple months, I have not been able to re-connect my phone to Uphold. Any attempt to do so simply fails with some non-descript error.

I am trying again and still no joy. I deleted Uphold App from the phone. I start Brave browser, navigate to and log in. I have all cookies and scripts allowed for this site … I never had to do anything special back when it WAS connected … but I digress.

I open the BAT settings screen and, of course, it says I am disconnected. I click on that and I get a endless spinning circle on a screen that says “Your request is still being processed, please wait.”

And there it sits. Nothing changes. Doesn’t matter how long I wait.

So what gives? I was not getting credited for ads on my desktop and go no response initially but after complaining a bit more forcefully was told that, for some unknown and probably unknowable reason, my account was corrupted but the support person “fixed” it. I’m happy to report that BAT are now accumulating again … tho I got zero response to my further comment that I feel I should get something at least for all the ads I DID see but got no credit for. Hardly seems fair since I usually end up banking as much as 10 BAT a month, I stand to receive a whopping tiny fraction of a BAT for March and probably got few if any in February. [sigh] Wouldn’t take much to award an averaged amount of BAT back in my acount for a problem that I didn’t cause.

I know, at the rate of payment, it’s basically pocket change, but it’s the principle of the matter.

But … back to Uphold on Android. I believe I AM getting credit in this case, as at least the counters go up and deposits are being made, but I continue to be disconnected and unable to reconnect. I don’t know if this might be another case of “corrupted” user account on the Brave side or not, but I’d like to get this fixed somehow.