Doubts when reconnecting with Uphold



I received the emails confirming that my Wallet unlinking requests has been updated.
This is Excellent :ok_hand:


I have 3 versions of Brave Browser to connect to Uphold.

  • Brave Browser Stable 1.35.103 - (Windows 10) with 0 balance, because I recently Reset Brave Reward trying to solve the issue “no more Ads” since February 7 and the BAT counter were not increased anymore. Now it is increasing again.

  • Brave Browser Beta 1.36.99 - (Android 11) with 8.000 BAT balance and 2.218 in February

  • Brave Browser Nightly 1.37.59 - (Android 11) with 10.000 BAT balance and 2.047 in February

My question is… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Is there any guarantee that I reconnect Uphold to one of these versions (example Nightly version) and my BAT will be transferred to Uphold immediately?

I think, and I have this doubt, because I have seen several cases and posts of users connections to Uphold and the BAT´s disappear to never return :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Hellooooooooooooooo :wave:

dude, :joy: it hardly been 4 hours, nobody spend that much time here, well maybe @Saoiray, I used to but not anymore.

regarding your question, saddly I can’t help you, I have not linked a new wallet for almost a year and don’t remember any info on the issue with Uphold being solved.

maybe @Mattches know



let’s see who has information about this

@cmam , nice nickname, sorry for not being able to help you either, I’ve read these reconnections of uphold wallets are usually atrocious… Is there any reason behind this happening?

I really don’t know why it’s so troublesome to make these reconnections

:thinking: I missed this, those wallets were already verified before? Or are they new wallets?

No, these wallets have never been verified.
these are the Nightly and Beta versions that I installed a few months ago

I have not connected the wallets yet
Apparently the “Wallet Unlink Request” has not been yet successfully processed.
I hope that when I connect them, the BATs do not disappear

You should be able to verify your wallets with Uphold and have the deposits go through without issue.

Thank you.

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