Having trouble linking back onto Uphold after reinstalling

Hey, I need some help getting my rewards wallet linked again on my Android device. I had to reinstall Brave because the video playback function wasn’t working, but now that it’s fixed after reinstalling I’m having trouble connecting back to Uphold since that got disconnected. I already have 4 devices linked and my phone was one of them, maybe it thinks that I’m trying to add another device but I’m not, this is the same phone I just had connected a few minutes ago before uninstalling.

When I click on the BAT triangle and the “continue to login” link it asks me to log back in and Authorize the application, but when I click Authorize it takes me back to the rewards panel and doesn’t sync my balance. Stuck at 0.000 BAT again


Its called the “Four Device Black Hole”. There is no escape until Brave devs create an infinity rocket.

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Yep, that is why I left the trainwreck known as BRAVE. Firefox till they fix the epic fail that is no delete of obsolete devices.

They screwed me out of hundreds of BAT. After viewing thousands of adds over several months, like 5-6 months!!
Screwed with the now world famous device limit excuse bullshizz.

There is no way the DEVS are that s t o o pid. So that means it has all been an intentional scam. And maybe we should start a boycott letter movement to anyone who spends money to advert with Brave. And let them know of this B.S. device limit that has no problem letting you see ads with no way to receive the rewards.

Very shady fraudulant business practice, borderline illegal in my opinion.

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