Cannot find wallet address to transfer BAT to Brave

I have purchased additional BAT from Coinbase but after a considerable amount of time searching around documentation and forum posts, I still I cannot find a way to transfer it to Brave.

I saw a post from @steeven a year ago that linked to an article that seems to be obsolete:

Those instructions don’t work for me. The screenshots don’t match up with what I see. There isn’t an “about:preferences” page I can load.

If I go to this page, I see nowhere to view an address for incoming transfer of BAT. brave://rewards/

I tried clicking on “Add Funds” but get an error that says:

Verifying wallet allows you to manage your funds more efficiently.
You need to have minimum 25 BAT to create an Uphold account. Please try again later.
If you already have a verified Uphold account, continue to login.

I don’t have access to an Uphold account nor a minimum 25 BAT in the Brave Rewards section to be able to create one if I wanted to. What used to be a straightforward process to me now seems like it might no longer be possible.

I finally found an incoming address by going to “Crypto Wallets” and going through the creation process. I transferred roughly 300 BAT from Coinbase. Although the transferred BAT successfully displays in the “Crypto Wallets” section, it is not displayed under the Brave Rewards section (my balance there is zero). I don’t see a way to get the Brave Rewards section to acknowledge it.

Hello @kernelpanic,
First, brave:rewards and brave:wallet is two different wallets for different purposes. That’s why you not see your balance on your brave:rewards wallet and vice versa.

The former is used for Brave Rewards while the latter is used for storing assets, interacting with dApps, etc (similar to Metamask).

In order to funding your Rewards wallet, the flow is changed – post you linked above is outdated. You’ll need a verified Uphold account connected to your Rewards wallet – . Then you can send the BAT to the address provided by Uphold.

Despite the bad news, I appreciate your prompt reply. Thanks.

My understanding was (and promotional content says) that BAT was not connected to my personal identity. For example:

All of this is anonymous: nobody (not even us here at Brave) can see who supported which sites.

Now I find that I’m expected to spend over an hour reading and agreeing to Uphold legal agreements (based on me copy/pasting ToS/Privacy Policy/US Terms into a reading time estimator tool). That would be in addition to the hour I’ve already put in to this process. That’s too burdensome in my opinion, so I tried to send my BAT back to Coinbase and convert back to USD. Unfortunately, I also found out that I can’t transfer BAT out of Brave without having ETH in that wallet. So I’m apparently going to have to buy some ETH and send just enough to the browser’s crypto wallet to be able to pay the network fee to return my BAT to Coinbase. I think at the end of the day, I’ll have paid a total of 6 fees each around $3 to accomplish a loss.

Considering the obsolete documentation, misleading promotional material, and the Brave Rewards UI no longer supporting the use case… my view is that this is a broken user experience. I really hope Brave improves this somehow for the sake of future users. I like the original idea of BAT, and I’d really like a way to support the websites I visit. But the current Brave Rewards implementation including the Uphold dependency seems to no longer live up to the promise. I’ll check from time to time to see if this changes and maybe give it another chance.

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It is not. This statement :point_down: is not/never changed. Brave’s ToS will said the same.

Uphold integration is here to make it easier for users to manage their Rewards wallet. And connecting an Uphold account is not a mandatory – only if they want to manage their funds more easily. Users can funding their rewards wallet via Brave Ads. All of that without an Uphold account.

Blog post can be obsolete – that post is about previous, deprecated Brave (muon) – and the current Brave is a completely new Brave Browser (brave-core).

Brave have help center with all updated information

So it’s not a broken user experience, IMHO. You just read a wrong documentation.

I spent considerable time reading various documentation. Including I didn’t just read one thing and post. The article linked by steeven about a year ago (which IIRC was after the switch from Muon) was the closest thing I could find to a specific answer on this. The FAQ entry on for “How do I fund my brave wallet?” implies that the use case I was attempting is still possible (second paragraph in #3). This is one of the many things I read before posting for help.

I get that Uphold is a separate corporate entity than Brave. I mean, it’s nice that the sites supported / browsing history are somehow anonymized. But my understanding was that the process was going to be more anonymous and less encumbered by legalese than it was. i.e. the UX would be compatible with what it used to be.

I’ll keep that in mind, but I didn’t buy ~$100 in BAT with an intention of viewing ads. Personally, I often find ads to be disruptive. For the most part, I don’t like viewing or listening to ads - especially ones that have animation. The only reason I think I’d be interested in Brave Ads would possibly be to market my business. But that’s not what I came here for.

Do you know if there are any plans to bring back support for this use case in the future?

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