BAT sent to wallet not appearing in browser wallet?

I sent a little over 28 BAT from a Coinbase account to the address of the wallet in my Brave browser yet Brave is displaying 0 BAT.

I obtained the BAT address via the “brave://wallet” URL, clicking the BAT asset under account 1, and ‘view on Etherscan’. It is I entered that address as the recipient for the 28 BAT on Coinbase and it was confirmed as a valid BAT address and sent. The transaction hash is 0x24413d4e59b6aeeda61d032f45aa60ef37e283b71e6ea9869425efaa8bbade2b. It is reported as a success.

Any ideas why the Brave wallet is not identifying these BAT?



Hello @egonline,

Just to make sure. Did you mean you not see your BAT in your brave:wallet wallet, right?

Seems like you sent the BAT to BAT contract address and not to your Crypto Wallet (brave:wallet) address. cc @Mattches for confirmation.

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Yes I believe that is the case.

I think that’s what I did there. Is there any recourse? Coinbase had no problem sending the BAT to the address, and recognized it as a valid address.

Unfortunately since you sent it to the contract address there is no recourse that I’m aware of. Very sorry for the inconvenience :confused:

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