How can I transfer BAT from Brave rewards to Uphold account?


I have some BAT in Brave rewards but only a small portion of it has been transfered to my Uphold wallet? Why not everything??
How can I transfer BAT from Brave rewards to Uphold account?
Thanks in advance for your answers.


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Hi @maz3k, Welcome to Community!
What device/OS are you on?
What Brave version are you using?
When did you connect to Uphold?


I am on pc, windows 10.
I’m using the newest version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121](…it is always updated to the newest.
I’ve connected to uphold in the start, just after I have installed Brave and started using it.

What is your Brave wallet balance, and what is the Balance in Uphold?
Can you share a screenshot of both?
Also, when did you connect to Uphold?

I have connected to uphold at the start…before I got any BAT.

Thank you for sending the screenshots, but in the first image we can really see the Brave Rewards Card. Can you send another that shows the balance for all the Brave related cards.
Also you sent a screenshot from your Creators dash, which is good, I’m glad you sent that. But can you also send a screenshot of your browser wallet balance, the balance you seen when you click on the triangle to the right of the address bar?

I am asking you how can I transfer these 83 BAT in brave rewards to uphold?

The 83 BAT you see is in your Creators account. The 0.500 BAT, is in your browser wallet. They are separate.
BAT is paid out/transferred to Uphold once a month. For the BAT in your Creator’s account (83 BAT), that should be transferred around the 8th of October (note the time/date is flexible).
You can see the next deposit date under the balance.

I get it…I had to connect the browser with uphold…
Thank you for all your help Aa-ron.
Have a nice day.

Why did my uphold link with my browser fail?

An error has occurred. I have tried it many times

Your question is unrelated to this topic, please create a new topic and tag me in it.