How do I transfer my brave earned BAT to my Coinbase wallet?

How can I transfer my BAT to my Coinbase wallet? I can’t seem to find a transfer page for the rewards. How do I transfer from brave to Coinbase wallet?

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Hi @Tonyscog3 - BAT can be withdrawn from the browser wallet to your Uphold wallet. From there you can send to your Coinbase wallet.

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@Tonyscog3 when sending BAT from Uphold wallet to Coinbase there are a few key things to know to have transfer of funds between wallets. First, go to your Coinbase account and copy your wallet address for recieving Bitcoin. Then go to your Uphold account and click on the BAT Rewards card that has your balance from your Brave Rewards. You will see several options for withdrawing money, to a bank account, to another person via email, but the option you want to choose is Send to Cyyptocurrency. Click this option and you will see lines to fill out for the total you would like to send, as well as the currency you are sending your BAT to. Choose Bitcoin Network, then paste your wallet address in the field that asks for destination of funds. Next click preview transaction, then you will see a confirm button for this transfer of funds. Click that and your funds in BAT are now on their way to your Coinbase account. There is no fee for converting BAT to Bitcoin, but there is a network fee Uphold charges and this varies depending on amount sent. Overall this process is a little tedious and confusing but once you do it a few times its not that bad. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!!!


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