How do I view my Brave Wallet and transfoer to Uphold or my bank

  1. How do I view what is in my Brave Wallet?
  2. How do I transfer from the wallet to my Uphold account?

I had a payment on December 5th. I should have a positive balance in my wallet but cannot check. I do not like this lack of transparency

Not happy yet

Hi @AlexK - have you completed KYC with Uphold? The payment will automatically transfer from your Brave wallet to your Uphold account.

Thank you.

My wallet is verified which I understand means I have completed KYC
I guess I will have to talk to uphold support.

Let me clarify

  1. I want to be able to tell how many BAT I have in my Brave Wallet. If I cannot do that I cannot even think of tipping. As far as I know I have two or three BAT in the Brave Wallet already but cannot check this.

  2. I want to be able to transfer my BAT out of my wallet to Uphold. I have verified my wallet and I undertand this means the BAT will be transferred from my wallet to Uphold automatically. So far I have received only one tip and nothing from the payout I received on December 5th

  3. The documentation is abysmal and incomprehensible. There is a page with a video that is far too small to be usable and looks equally useless. A walk through with static images would be much more useful

  4. I will not even try to link a bank account at this stage untill I have solved these problems.

Have Brave ever user tested their documentation or did they just splurge what they knew? I have the same question about uphold.

Click BAT triangle icon at URL bar to see your balance. Or brave://rewards.

If you have your Uphold account connected, you’ll see your BAT in your BAT card (I believe it’s Brave Browser card) in your Uphold account. Then you can transfer it to another card to “withdrawal” it from the browser.

Thanks. This makes more sense

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