VPN not connecting. Error reinstalling

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**Description of the issue:**VPN stopped connecting both in Settings and in Brave itself. In settings I flip the switch and it turns back off almost immediately. In the app the connection process hangs for a long time. I deleted in an attempt to reinstall the VPN profile, but now get an Error that unhelpfully says a problem occurred, so cannot reinstall.

I have rebooted my iPhone and have force closed the browser multiple times. No change.

Unrelated I think: I am unable to use the support request feature in the app. It fails too. Error says can’t send email check settings. That’s why I am posting here.

I have seen this problem in earlier versions of the app. Support had to reset something on the account as I recall.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.31(23)

Mobile Device details iPhone 12 max pro, most recent GA release of iOS

Additional Information:

Hi, few questions to help me investigate it

Could be because your Apple account got disconnected somehow?

If you go to VPN settings, does it say you are subscribed?
Did this start after you updated to 1.31 or earlier?
Are you on iOS15 already?

Hi Michal,

OS is 14.7.1. As of this afternoon I can upgrade to 14.8, which I am doing now.

When I go to Settings in the Brave app and select the VPN item I am offered a page with two links: install VPN and contact support. Not sure how to determine if my Apple ID is or is not connected from that. Can you provide more specifics?


Hi Michal,

I’m now up to iOS 14.8. Same unable to initialize vpn error when I try to create it in the app. What does the error mean when it says to reset on the VPN settings page? There is nothing on the iOS or app vpn pages about resetting.


Did you try removing the vpn from from general iOS settings?
Settings → general → vpn → delete the vpn, then relaunch the app and try to install

Worst case would be having to completely reinstall the app and restore purchase(go to vpn screen tap on ‘restore’ in top right)

Yes did that. Also rebooted and force closes app as well. Looks like I will have to delete and reinstall the app. Will post back w results.

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Hi Michal,

Removing the app and reinstalling enabled me to start over with the VPN configuration. I’ve definitely see this kind of problem before. I suspect that some part of the VPN setting is not being removed when the VPN is deleted. Not sure what causes the VPN to stop connecting in the first place, but once that happens, there doesn’t seem to be an in-app or in-Settings way to fix the problem.



thanks for update and sorry for problems,
we have to add a full-reset option for such cases, and we should always let user go to vpn settings to reset their config

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