Cannot add mobile phone to desktop sync chain

I am trying to get the browser to sync between my desktop and my new Android phone. I’m doing something wrong. When I try to use the desktop to add the mobile phone it says I should see “scan sync code” on my phone when I go to the mobile browser sync settings.

Instead, I see “Add new device” as the only option.

When I try to use the mobile phone to add the desktop to the sync chain, it says “add new device,” I click “add a computer” then I see QR code or Code Words as the options. But how am I supposed to use either to sync to the desktop?

What am I doing wrong?

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That mean this device already on its own sync chain. As the button only available on setup page.

On your Android, go to Sync page > and click trash icon next to your Android device name (this device).

Your Android will leave the current chain and you can setup to join the existing chain from desktop.

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