Trying to add new phone to sync chain, I don't get option to scan code

These are the instruction I get.

  1. Open Brave Browser on your mobile device and go to Settings → Sync.
  2. Select Scan or enter your sync code.
    I do not get the option to Scan or Enter your sync code.

Hello @62crewcab ,

What did you see on your end? The button only available on set-up page.

So on the new device, you can try leave sync chain then try to sync again.

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I cant find the settings to select sync on Android phone. All i find is search settings.

Do you have another mobile or desktop device already on a Sync chain that you’re attempting to add your phone to?

No, I’m trying to do sync first time from Android to new laptop. Instructions say go to Settings, Advance Settings, Sync. I cant find any settings except search settings

I guess I cant find the Main Menu.

Sorry, after doing some exploring on my old laptop, i found that there is a chain and it has my phone. I still dont see where the main menu is though, on the phone.

To confirm, you do have a Sync chain started on your laptop and your phone is also on that chain, is that correct?

Additionally, the main menu (on mobile) can be accessed by tapping the “three dots” icon on the bottom-right side of the screen.

Excellent. I didnt know about the 3 dots. All is good now. The 3 dots were what i didnt know about.

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