Right now there is no way to add a new device into the sync chain at all!

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Description of the issue:

setting->Sync, fail to add a new device

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. both browser software and mobile app, settings
  2. then sync
  3. then add new device

Expected result:
add new device is supposed to add another computer or mobile device into the
sync chain, rather than make itself to be added

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.30.87 Chromium: 94.0.4606.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

hello? anyone ever read this one? sync cannot add any new device at all, neither from app nor from computer. Please help!

No, haven’t seen that. But it’s not clear from your post if you mean you can ‘try’ adding a new device but it fails, or if you don’t even get the button to try adding one?

hi, I am glad to get your response. Right now, I use Brave browser to reply.
I choose Settings → Sync → Manage you synced devices
(Am I right? this is weird. I want to add new device, or I want me, this current device to be added, but this function means device(s) synced already. Anyway, it is the only and closest function I can find)

click into it, I see my current device, the Brave browser I am using, and two buttons,

  1. view sync code, in which I will see text code or qrcode, for me, this current device to be added to some other sync chain (ex: my phone, or browser in another computer)
  2. add new device, then two options occur, as follows. However, this function looks like for me to add external device, but it is not. It actually display the same thing as #1, to let this device to be added. Therefore, there is no way to add any new device at all!
    a. phone/table
    b. computer

I have an android phone as well, brave browser app installed as well. It behaves the same too, so I cannot add my computer brave browser from my android phone either.

Please correct any of the previous steps, if you see different behavior. Thanks

Hello?! I found a video from youtube, about how to change flag to enable sync. In the video, sync setup friendly setting is unavailable in the current version of Brave, only Enable Brave Sync v2 is available.
After I enabled “Enable Brave Sync v2” flag, and relaunch Brave, I still do not see “Enter a Sync code” avaiable, only View Sync Code and Add New Device available, which are readonly, cannot add new device or paste new code at all.
Do you have most recent steps about how to make sync work?

Sounds like that was a really old video.

Also, as long as you are running a reasonably recent Brave browser, you shouldn’t need to touch that flag for enabling v2 as it is the default for quite some time now.

To set it up: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021218111-How-do-I-set-up-Sync-

I finally figure out myself that, the “Start a new Sync Chain” and “I have a Sync Code” options, only appear when you never use Sync function. Once you try to configure Sync, failed or you want to change, or you want to leave the current Sync Chain. Sorry, there is no way right now, unless you uninstall and reinstall. That is really inconvenient. Hope Brave team may know the defect and arrange to improve it. Thanks

That isn’t what I’m seeing in my testing.

If I press ‘Leave Sync Chain’ and then wait a few seconds, the page reverts to its original appearance and I can start from scratch.

Well, yes or no. If I do see “Leave Sync Chain”, I believe that I may see “Start a new Sync Chain” and “I have a Sync Code” without reinstalling. However, I do not, even if disconnect with any other device(s). Actually, “Leave Sync Chain” should always be available, and “Start a new Sync Chain” and “I have a Sync Code” should be available as long as I have no connected device. Brave browser does not behave as expected, on my Windows 10 and my Android phone.

You can only leave a Sync Chain if you are connected to one, and start a new one if you aren’t. Maybe I’m not understanding you.

You can think of a Sync Chain like an ‘account’ except in this case it has a randomly-generated, long password (this is the sync code) that you aren’t expected to remember.

Everything you sync is stored in a cloud service, regardless of whether other devices connect to the same chain. Any devices on the same chain don’t sync with one another directly, rather each independently syncs with the data stored in the cloud service.

Not sure if this helps at all.

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