Is the sync function on LSD (Android & desktop)?

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Description of the issue:
What is wrong with Sync? I am trying to sync my desktop browser with my android? Both give the option to navigate to Settings -> Sync then choose either mobile device or desktop which I do (tried both options) and then give you the option of either scanning a code or copying a text.
There is no scanning option on the android device (and obviously not on desktop) AND
You cannot delete the text on the textbox to insert the text from the other device.
It is like trying to connect two male or two female cables.
It does not work.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.12.113 on Android (latest version available)/ Brave 1.12.114 on Windows 10
Mobile Device details
Android 9
Additional Information:

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On Android go to three dots (Menu), Settings, Sync, then tap Add new device, choose desktop & you’ll be presented with the menu in which you choose QR code scan or key.


Which is exactly what I do! But I cannot scan the code because there is no scanning option and I cannot enter the text because the text in the textbox cannot be deleted. And the same exactly happens on the desktop!

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Did you give Brave permission for camera access ? That’s the only thing that comes on my mind :thinking:

I’d tell u to use latest version but u already do (version 1.12.113 on Android) ;-((

I actually completed the link procedure like 2 days ago. By scanning qr from Desktop onto my Android. And it worked like a charm.

Good guess. I checked and it was on. The issue still remains. Both the Android and the desktop browser act as givers and not takers of the sync process (i.e. QR code or the text).

OK. I solved it. The problem was that my device was already in the sync chain. So I removed my device and then the ability to scan the QR code showed up. So now my Android device is added to the sync chain.


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