Cannot add a new default search engine

As you can see, presearch search engine cannot be added as default, the option is grey tint.

If someone can help me, i’ll appreciate it. Thanks a lot

Kind regards

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I think you tried to manually add the search engine. It has requirement to fulfilled though, “URL with %s in place of query”

Instead of manually adding, go back, in search engine sub-section settings, turn on index other search engine. Then go to presearch and just do a random search. Then go to settings page, presearch will be automatically added with a query parameter to it. Then make it default.

I followed the method I listed and could add it as default search engine.

I already tried this method but it doesn’t work.
I don’t understand what it’s going on.

Thank you anyway

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Or follow your method and do what this guy did.

Also, clear cache and cookies and turn off brave shields off just for experiment.

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Whoo thank you so much, my link was wrong. The one in the video is the good one. Now it’s working fine. Thanks a lot

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