Can't change my default search engine

Hey guys,

I tried to change the default search engine but I’m being able to

There is no drop down option for google and I can’t manually add new search engines.
I’ve tried to reinstall the brave app several times but nothing works

I’m using a windows 11

Best Regards

@DrewST what you’re showing is that you or someone else decided to delete all search engines on your profile for some reason.

Yes you can.

Also, why do you have Index other search engines disabled? What you’re doing here is saying you don’t want Brave to automatically add other search engines for you to use. If you turn it on, Brave adds things to the list so you have additional options for search engines.

Yeah it was weird because I just installed brave as it is and didn’t touch anything else, maybe this machine was used before with a different setting or something?
But thanks I added the site search and made it default thanks!!

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